“SSS is a development platform not for profit, non-political, nonreligious grass root entity established in the year 1983. It was informally existence one decade in the field of development towards community empowerment all the way through participatory approach, but in the year 1993, the members of the organization realized to get the platform Govt. recognized and accordingly action fortunately made them able to avail the entity under Societies Registration Act., 1860 in the year 1994. The platform has its patience to endure courage to work with the seemingly impossible task of mitigating suffering of the disadvantage, weaker section and the poor. With several up & downs experiences have strengthened and given it the confidence and the staying power. It has demonstrated its utility and proven its relevance in the development environment.”

Boosting the energy of our young generation 

Sikkim Folk
Folk dances and songs are an ingrained part of Sikkimese culture. Most of the dances related to the amazing beauty of the natural surroundings, some signifies the harvest
 season and others are performed for prosperity. Many of the musical instruments that accompany the dances are unique to Sikkim. Almost all the dances are accompanied by the musical instruments.  

Cardamom Cultivation at SSS field, Natural 
Resource Management cum Income Generation 
Youth are the key asset  
for sustainable community development

Creche Centres under SSS control Children are our
future asset must be protected and developed all the way
Sikkim Culture & Sport has its own tremendous art
& demand must be given respect & work
for its sustainability

SSS Goal                                                                                                                                
To empower lives & sustainable livelihood towards peace & harmony

SSS Vision                                                                                                                             
To influence positive social changes through promoting and empowering community.

SSS Mission                                                                                                                            
To bridge the distance between people by providing opportunities to individuals to influence positive social change through an exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and learning in social development sector.

To contribute for the empowerment of the grass root communities for their betterment with active participation.

SSS Value                                                                                                                               
Respect: SSS treats all people with dignity and respect 
Stewardship: It honours its heritage by being socially, financially and environmentally responsible 
Ethics: It strives to meet the highest ethical standards 
Learning: It challenges each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn
Innovation: It embraces continuous improvement, bold creativity and change.